Name:      Alison O'Connell MBE
Job Roll:  CEO

Tel:          07970977653

Alison worked for the Post Office six years ago. It was fine, but the rewards were purely financial. Through voluntary work she had with a local... (Read More)

Name:      Julie Taylor
Job Roll:   Project Co-ordinator

Tel:          07847245869

Worked for Solihull MBC for 28 years as a sports coach and leisure centre duty manager.

Seconded to work as a “Positive Futures” project manager for... (Read More)
Name:     Dean Prentice
Job Roll: Sports Co-oridnatior

Tel:         07847245869

Name:      Leeann Bryan
Job Roll:   Director of Fit and Fed 


Tel:          07847245869

Name:      Ricky Towner
Job Roll:   Marketing & Technical ('Computer Geek')

Tel:          07751188399

Ricky is a self confessed ‘computer geek’. He deals with all our technical problems, marketing, graphic design and electrical problems among many, ma... (Read More)

Name:      Marcus Snook
Job Roll:   Sports Coach

Tel:          0121 789 9494

Name:      Callum Dunne
Job Roll:   Level 2 Football Coach

Tel:          0121 789 9494