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Ricky is a self confessed ‘computer geek’. He deals with all our technical problems, marketing, graphic design and electrical problems among many, many other things. For a young person (only 18 years old) he as a lot of experience and qualifications and is very mature for his age. At college he studies Technical Theatre and Live Events, and if a very competent technician, working on many shows and productions in his own time, the main of these being; Lighting Team Leader for a yearly concert for the Dorridge Music School that takes place at The Birmingham Symphony Hall.

Nearly all of our posters, flyers and advertisements you see will have been produced by Ricky, as well as this fabulous website. He devotes a lot of his time to FITCAP and is very passionate about all the work he does. No job or request is too big or too small.

He may not have a clue about anything sporty, but he sure knows how to advertise it, in many different forms, from paper to digital media.    

Ricky Towner

Marketing & Technical